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Casino Kit

Implement your own ideas and solutions whenꦬ creating an online casino, quickly and easily developing the frontend of the platform and creating a diverse🧸 range of interfaces with our template builder.

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Casino Kit
Casino Kit

Advantages of Casino Kit

  • Exclusive frontend design

    Exclusive frontend design

    The style of the platform is determined solely by your vision. Yꦫou create the casino’s frontend design yourself, with the support of the in-built CMS — and without any need for help from developers.

    Exclusive frontend design
  • 2

    Flexible configuration

    Design changes can be easily made by operators🐻 whenever needed. Website localization, integration of additional♔ extensions, creation of new web pages, contact forms, and other web elements can all be customized.

    Exclusive frontend design
  • 3

    Timesaving process

    The in-built CMS allows you to change your site’s color scheme, fonts, and other design elements — adjust🐎ments and external updates are made instantly and independently.

    Exclusive frontend design
  • 4

    Multisite feature

    A unified administration control panel for managing multiple 🍸websites, which can be individually designed to suit a specific target market.

    Exclusive frontend design
  • 5

    New audience

    Reach players around the world with an unlimited number of sites, e✅ach tailored to its target audience. Top-notch design, fast loading speedsꦓ, and custom designs for players in different markets from Africa to Europe will help you meet the needs of any area.

    Exclusive frontend design
  • 6

    Affiliate management

    A ෴completely new tool for managing affili🎐ate relationships — a bespoke affiliate site. Drive traffic with the help of your partners and track vital statistics via the administration control panel.

    Exclusive frontend design
  • 7

    Worthwhile investment

    A ready-made online casino with a fully equipped backend system — including but not limited to payment methꦆods, game content, and a bonus module — as well as the ♏opportunity to develop your own design for the casino.

    Exclusive frontend design

How do we start working together?

You receive our unified API and control system featuring integrated game content and payment systems.
You get an in-built module for website interface creation.
You choose one of our frontend design templates or develop one on your own with our assistance.
You independently customize the interface of your project by choosing templates and filling your site with content.
You control the face of your project, making adjustments or expanding the functionality of your casino at any time without needing to contact the software developer.

Customizable ready-made gambling solution

Save time and money when starting an online casino and create your own frontend design in accordance with targeted market(s) and busine𒅌ss objectives.

Contact us for a free consultation, pricing details, and product demonstration.
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