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How profitable is the online gambling business?

Very — if done right. Like in any other business, learning the ropes of the industry is the key to succeꦫss.

Wh🅰at do I need to start an online gambling b𝔍usiness?

The first step is to learn about the industry and conduct extensive market research to create a well-thought-out business plan. Consider the markets of operation, local demand, competitors, choಌice of software, team, marketing tactics, and estimated expenses.&nbs🗹p;

Once the business plan is created, the next step is to apply for a gambling license. Then, choose software providers, games, and payment methods before launching and marketing your brand. Find more information and suggestions in this article on how to start an online casino.

What markets should/can I target?

The region of operation is up to the business owner to determine. We suggest 🙈paying attention to different jurisdictions’ local regulations and compliance requirements when deciding on the desired markets.

💯What are the main marketing st꧙rategies for attracting players?

Read our guide on online casino marketing for more players acquisition and retention ꦉtricks.

  • Affiliate marketing is a crucial tactic when it comes to attracting new players. It is up to the operator to choose an affiliate program based on their budget and target markets. Our managers can suggest several trusted affiliate networks to partner with.
  • Bonuses and loyalty programs are the other most important pillars of successful player acquisition and retention.
How do I retain players?

Taking care of your customers is tꦕhe foundation of user retention — keep your plaꦇyers happy with regular promos and bonuses, fast payouts, new games, and attentive customer support.

Casino software

What is included in your online c♔asino platform pac🙈kage?

Slotegrator’s online💧 casino platform service includes server space and hosting, software development, integration of game content and payment sy🎃stems, account management, and 24/7 B2B support.

The platform includes the following features: unified API for fast integration of game content, Casino Builder to create an interface in 3 clicks, Bonus module to build your own gamified promotions, and BI reporting tools to get analytics on project’s GGR, number of unique users๊, daily or monthly active players, and more.

The softwar💜e and game portfolio is regularly up🌜dated.

Integration of third-party software is possible.

What is your Turnkey casino solution?

Our Turnkey casino solution is a⭕n online casino platform development service. It includes a technical solution, technical B2B support, and account management.

It is up to the operato💛r to obtain a license and manage the 🧜project.

What is your White Label casino solution?

Our White Label package is a business solution for online casinos. We develop an online casino platform (like with the Turnkey solution), grant the opera꧅tor the right to operate under our legal entity, help them secure a Curacao sublicense, and provide the option of B2C player support.

The “franch🌱isee” must havꦜe proven experience in the iGaming industry to acquire a White Label solution from Slotegrator.

Is it possible to see a demo?

Absolutely. Please reach out to our managers for game and casino backend demonstrations.

How long does it take to la♍unch an online casino plat🎉form?

Online casino platform development and launch takes around 2-3 months. Mostly, it depends on the client's technical specifications and the number of adjustments the client wants to make during the development process.

Who is responsible for the casino&rs༺quo;s web design?

We can create a web 🐲design for the casino website based on the client’s wishes and preferences. Alternatively, the client may provide his own designs based on our technical requirements.

What payment met༺hods are avail🐎able on your platform?

We provide all global and most popular region-specific solutions for payment processing. That includes the following: card payments, e-wallets, bank transfers, blockchain tr▨ansactions, prepaid cards, mobile payments, SMS deposits, and deposits from self-service terminals.

We provide payment processing for fiat and cryptocu🍸rrencꦫies in over 100 countries.

In cases where𒁃 we do not support a required payment method, it can still 🥂be integrated as third-party software.

Is it possible to do third-party integrations?

Yes. The client may request third-party software integrations, such as live chat, CRM, and other features and extensions. The requirements must be ♛stated in 🧸the technical specification.

Who will💜 own the brand and have access to my casino player database?

Slotegratoꦚr acts solely as a provider of technical solutions and is subject to compliance with formal non-disclosure obligations contained in the agreement with the client.

What is the price of your casino platform?

The cost of the online casino platform is based on the technical re🐬quirements and required workload. Once a client has filled in the technical specification form, Slote▨grator will determine the exact cost of development.

Game content

How do I choose a game provider?

The popularity of specific game providers and game types (slots, live dealer games, card games, etc.) varies from market to market. Slotegrator’s sales managers will advise you on the ♛vendors t𝕴hat best meet your business objectives based on your target territory and wishes.

Is your game software reliable?

We work only with certified game developers. The software is tested by specialized laboಞratories and lice⛎nsed in several jurisdictions to guarantee the uncompromised integrity of the game studio and the reliability of its products.

What is revenue share, and how is it calculated?

Revenue share is essentially a royalty fee. It is a percentage of the casino’s revenues generat🍒ed by the software that the software provider charges the operator. Each provider has specific revenue share terms, and the details can be requested along with a commercial offer from our managers.

Why work with Slotegrator and not directly w♉ith the game providers?

There are several strong reasons why working through an intermediary provider is better t🍌han working directly with game developers.

  • The client signs ONE contract with Slotegrator for MULTIPLE vendors.
  • We aggregate content from multiple vendors with a unified API. All game content is available through a single integration that saves clients a lot of time and technical resources.
  • We negotiate the due diligence requirements with the game developer on the client’s behalf and are able to simplify the compliance process significantly.
  • We do NOT charge minimum monthly payments for game content. The client is only required to pay the revenue share.
  • Our API is continuously being developed. We add new game providers to our portfolio monthly.


How can I get a consultation?

You can contact our sales managers by leaving a request in a form on our website or via live chat, Skype, or email at [email protected].

Do I have to pay for a consultation?

No, the consultations are free of charge. Our team 🌳of sales representa🗹tives will be happy to introduce you to our services and business solutions.

How will we work together?

Workflow will include the following steps: 

  • Consultations and discussion of your objectives.
  • Signing an NDA.
  • Determination of the project’s technical specifications, costs, and delivery time.
  • Signing a contract.
  • Project development and testing.
  • Game and payment system integration.
  • Project delivery and launch.
  • Ongoing technical support and account management.
What kind of supp🉐ort do you provide once the project is live?

Once your casino is launched, we assign you a personal account manag🦂er who will🌱:

  • Advise you on any inquiries regarding your project’s setup and maintenance
  • Provide you the necessary support in regards to software updates and marketing
  • Notify you of new game releases and promotions from providers
  • Analyze and interpret your project’s performance

Additionally, our 24/7 technical sup﷽port team is ther🥂e to troubleshoot any difficulties that may arise along the way. 


What is a gambling license, and why do I need it?

It’s a license t♉hat allows the client to run a gambling business legally. It is needed to establish a gambling company, open a bank account, and conduct operations — as well as being a token of your business’ credibility in the eyes of B2B software suppliers and players. The license makes it possible to operate in regulated markets (the market depends on the license) and protects the holder fromꩵ fines and legal predicaments.

How do I choose a license?

The license for your gambling project depends on your target markets. Read more on how to choose a licensing jurisdiction in our article.

How hard is it to acquire a license?

The licensing process depends on the jurisdiction you choose. A Curacao license is comparatively easy to get, while licenses in Malta🧸, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, Alderney, and the UK are more expensive and co✅me with more complex compliance regulations.

What kind of license 🦩acquisition services do you provide?

Slotegrator can provide you with a full suite of services for gambling license acquisition in multiple juris🀅dictions. We provide complete solutions as well as services and advisory on business structure, finance, and compliance.

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